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Power Ranger D10 LONG RANGE

Code: D10

$ 3630.00


Never has an electric wheelchair been able to take you so much further

The Power Ranger D10 Long Range comes equipped with two batteries and can take you a staggering 50Km, so you can take your freedom to another level. Perfect for full-size Australian frames, the power Ranger D10 puts mobility at your fingertips. Inside and outside the home, down to the shops and so much further. We can customise the seat height to find your exact fit.
One-touch folding and light enough to be loaded into the boot of the car to take out on day trips or holidays. 

Safe Comfortable and Light, with a high tensile magnesium alloy frame. With the Power Ranger D10, turbo boost your independence and get out and about under your own power.

Seat width: 490mm

Maximum load: 180kg/396lbs

Battery pack: 24V8AH / 16AH

Charging time: 3~6 h (per battery)

Max speed: 6km/h

Motor power: 250 W brushless DC motor * 2 pcs

Weight: 27.4kg

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