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Drive Knee Walker

Code: 790AU

$ 369.00


Steerable knee scooters, leg scooters or knee walkers are a crutch alternative for lower leg or ankle injuries.
Give you back a break; free your hands for cooking, kids and work.

Individuals recuperating from any lower limb injury, foot surgery, breaks, sprains, even amputations will find a knee walker a valuable tool that can assist them in accelerating their recovery. Whether recovering from illness, surgery or those who suffer from age related weakness, a walker can be an indispensable asset.


  • Weight capacity 136kg.
  • Weight 11kg
  • Knee height adjustment 43cm - 57cm
  • Handle height adjustment 79cm - 94cm
  • Overall dimension 46cm wide x 82cm
  • Approximate¬†user height 150cm - 188cm
  • Overall dimension folded 46cm h x 46cm w x 83cm.


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