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1. What do I need to be mindful of when choosing a wheelchair that can be comfortable for me?

Seat Depth
  • Too shallow shifts weight forward and causes instability.
  • Too deep and it causes hunching forward and poor leg circulation.
Seat Width
  • Too narrow risks skin chafing of the hips.
  • Too wide will rotate legs inward and place strain on hips as well as risk chafing skin of arms whilst operating the wheels.
Seat Back Height
  • Too high causes forward leaning and restricts shoulder movement.
  • Too low causes poor trunk stability.
Armrest Height
  • Too high causes shoulder shrugging.
  • Too low removes support and causes strain of the shoulders.
Flip Away Foot or Arm Supports
  • Ideal for eating or working at a table / desk.
  • Short armrests can be an alternate to help get closer to a desk or table.

You are welcome to come into the Bayswater office to test our wheelchair range and choose one best for you.

2. Will this wheelchair go through my doorways?

Most of our wheelchairs are 65cm wide, which will fit through standard Australian doorways. These days, the standard doorway width is 81cm and can be as low as 70cm. Currently, the most common doorway width is 76cm for Australian homes.

For our extra wide wheelchair models, the width can be up to 74cm (e.g. the Le Grand), which fits most common doorways. It's important that you measure your doorways to double check that the model you want is going to pass through your home and/or office doors.

Over the years we have listened to our customer’s likes and dislikes and refined the design and functionality of our wheelchairs accordingly. At wheelchairs Australia we listen, this helps us help you to choose the wheelchair that will best suite your needs.

3. How can I be sure they are quality wheelchairs?

We offer a replacement or Money Back Guarantee if you receive any of our wheelchairs in a faulty condition. All our wheelchairs come with a 12 Month Factory Warranty.

4. How do I know if a wheelchair is going to be right for me?

It's best to call us and we can assess your needs and guide you with the wheelchair that will suite you. It should only take a few minutes to understand your body size, environment and lifestyle to help us find the wheelchair right for you.

5. What are the conditions of the Money Back Guarantee?

Once you receive the wheelchair, you will have within 10 days to request a full refund of the purchase price, excluding the delivery charge. Go to Money Back Guarantee

6. How quickly can I receive my wheelchair if I order today?

Depending on your postcode, this is a general guide: - Perth residents can pick up same day or have delivery within 2 days. For Major Cities; up to 7 business days. For Regional Areas – up to 10 business days.

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