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DC08 Boomerang

Code: DC08

$ 4596.00


Unfolded Size 42.9"*24.8"*39"

Fold Size 13.8"*24.8"*31.5"

Material Carbon Fiber

Driving Speed 0~6 km/h

Driving Range ≥20 km

Loading Capacity 150 kg 

Net Weight 22Kg 

Seat Width 500 mm (19.7")

Seat Depth 450 mm (17.7")

Motor 250W × 2 pcs brushless motor

Battery 24V 12AH × 1 pc lithium battery

Braking System Electromagnetic Brake

The DC08 is equipped with safety features such as anti-tip wheels, automatic braking system, and a seatbelt, ensuring users feel secure and protected during their travels. Electromagnetic Brake system is great for all terrain.

 A remote controlled Feature that can be used as a nurse control if required. With its lightweight carbon fiber / aluminum hybrid the weight and price are kept down without compromising on strenth power range or qulity. easy fold easy set up.

 The DC08 comes with an intelligent control system that allows for intuitive operation, with easy-to-use joystick controls and programmable settings for personalized user preferences. Intelligent Control System

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