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FOX Mijo 4WS Electric Wheelchair

Code: EFW06

$ 1600.00


  1. Four-Wheel Steering (4WS) Technology: Innovative four-wheel steering technology allows for increased maneuverability and enhanced control, providing users with greater independence in navigating various indoor and outdoor environments.

  2. Dual Motors: Equipped with powerful dual motors for smooth acceleration and reliable performance, ensuring efficient operation even on inclines and uneven terrain.

  3. Adjustable Seating: Customizable seating options, including adjustable seat width, depth, and height, to accommodate users of different sizes and preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

  4. Intuitive Joystick Control: Easy-to-use joystick control system with customizable settings, allowing users to effortlessly navigate the wheelchair with precision and ease.

  5. Safety Features: Built-in safety features such as anti-tip wheels, electromagnetic brakes, and obstacle detection sensors to ensure a secure and reliable riding experience for users.

  6. Adjustable Suspension: Advanced suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers for a smooth and stable ride, minimizing discomfort caused by bumps and vibrations.

  7. Foldable Frame: Convenient foldable frame design for easy storage and transportation in vehicles, making it ideal for travel and outdoor adventures.

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